The Bucket List (in a Jar)–In Which We Feed the Hungry, Part Two

Dear Lily June,

Today, as part of our Family Bucket List, we went grocery shopping for a food bank instead of just for ourselves. All the food you’re sitting on cost us $50–what your parents used to spend a week on cigarettes. I promise you, little one, I’m never going to live like I’m just killing time until I die again. You have put everything into perspective for me, and you’ve made me want to make this world–your world–a better one.

FYI: The date is wrong on our camera and your parents can’t figure out how to fix it!


To anyone else reading this, if you haven’t already, consider giving even a write in of a dollar donation to Second Harvest Food Bank. Just one dollar helps them buy four whole meals, and you might help a little girl like Lily June have a happy tummy for another night.

Here’s a VIP list of bloggers who’ve already donated. You know you want me to add your name! (Just send me a comment letting you know that you gave, and I’ll happily link back to you.)

I love you, Lily. I thank you deeply, any and all readers and donators. I can’t tell you what you mean to me.


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10 thoughts on “The Bucket List (in a Jar)–In Which We Feed the Hungry, Part Two

    1. dearlilyjune says:

      If we’re lucky, Bits, we’re all on the giving AND receiving end. I know I’m a endlessly grateful for your kindness, charity, and selflessness this past weekend. When I’m a place that I’m more settled with what happened with my dad’s visit and can talk about it, I owe you some long, venting ranty emails.

      But really, I just owe you a damn hug. Virtual of course, but build out of real friendship love. You are AMAZING.

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  1. swamiyesudas says:

    My Dear Lily June, Am feeling Happy after seeing Your Beautiful Self! Your Mommy is Blessed to have You, and You are Blessed to have Her.

    Tell her that her Love in Bringing You up, and in being concerned about the Hungry in the World is Much, Much Appreciated. Love and Blessings on her for this.

    Please also tell her that I do not like her writing that she has any illness? A Person who is So Loving, both towards her Daughter and the World, doing all this So Well, Writing So Well, cannot and should not call herself that.

    Let us Forget about Doctors. They think they know everything. Well, they don’t. You and I know a thing or two, don’t We? You have a Super Momma!

    Love and Regards to You Both. Affectionately,

    Your Grandpa from India.

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  2. donzo442 says:

    We buy food stuffs by the case every time there’s a case lot sale. It goes to our local food bank and the store we shop at makes the donation an easy thing.
    Please do not add my name to any list. We give because it’s the right thing to do.

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  3. BarbCT says:

    I’m a bit late getting to this in my backlog, but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Plus, I’m glad to read that you and your hubby are still smoke-free. Obviously, Lily is a very lucky and much loved little girl.

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