Quotation Challenge, Day 2–On the Occasion of an Impending Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Dear Lily June,

Day 1 explains a little more about this, but essentially for three days, I’m using the  quotation challenge issued to me many months ago by pennyforyourthotsblog (hi, Penny! And thanks again!) to share words on race and racism in America which haunt and inspire and provoke and enlighten in equal measures. I will spend the next three days posting the words of people of color, but on Monday, I will not post anything, in order to create a moment of silence for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today’s quotation would really be better read in context (appropriately, as it comes from a poem all about, in some sense, context). I’m excerpting a single line below, but I really encourage you to follow the link to read the entire (short) prose poem, “Conjuring: A Lesson in Words and Ghosts” by Jacqui Germain.


“…language is such a complicated series of ropes and ladders & black folk be climbing and hanging at the same time…”

~Jacqui Germain


For this challenge, I nominate Myths of the MirrorA Stitch to Scratch, and Elle Thinks to post three consecutive days worth of quotations, but I add the additional option: That if you wish, you should attempt to post and promote the words of someone who does not share your race, ethnicity, skin color, religion, gender, sex, and/or sexual orientation.


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